Feb 2, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day R

So, I can be a real bitch to live with sometimes. Especially when I am pregnant or tired, which has basically been the past three and a half years. My husband has to deal with my tears, my crankiness, my complaining about how loudly he eats, breathes, moves. Well, you get the idea. What a lucky, lucky man, huh?

I figure I owe him one and since I smashed my tailbone, and am currently on the 'injured list' it's not going to be in the bedroom. So he gets this instead. A letter from me. Just for the record, I am not writing it to get this or this for Valentine's Day. I am doing it because I love him. Honestly. I am. Well, maybe, if he wanted to, and was looking for ideas, he could get me this. But only if he wanted to. Not because of this sweet letter I am about to write.

Dear R,

You just came into our room, where I am hiding from the world and put socks on my feet because I said I was cold. Thank you. I just want you, and everyone else, to know that I love you. I have often told you that you make all of my dreams come true and you have, from moving to Europe to the biggest, happiest dreams of all, our sweet sweet little boys. This is a thank you just for you. To remind you when I am cranky, ungrateful, moody or sad that I always love you and I always will.

Thank you for asking me to move in with you after only knowing me for 4 months, so that I would not have to move home to Nova Scotia.
Thank you for letting me drag on shopping trips all over the world to find 'just the right' top/dress/shoes/magnet/painting/souvenir...whatever.
Thank you for being the best and most fun dad any child could ask for.
Thank you for listening to my parents tell you that I came with a 'no returns policy' and dating me anyway.
Thank you for being the type of person that I can leave with my friend's husband that you had never met, and be cool about it.
Thank you for loving and accepting me for who I am.
Thank you for thinking and saying I am beautiful, even (especially) on days when I look awful.
Thank you for being the best travel partner I could have asked for.
Thank you for not caring about decorating our home but still listening to all of my many ideas and letting me do whatever I want.
Thank you for believing in me.
Thank you for taking out the garbage, moving the lawn and all of the other 'guy' stuff you do every week. (In our house cleaning toilets counts as guy stuff).
Thank you for supporting my need to stay home with our boys. I know it is such a challenge for you.
Thank you for letting me drag you to Nova Scotia every summer to spend time with my (now our) family and friends.
Thank you for making me laugh.
Thank you for being so completely involved in our sons' lives and being such a hands-on dad.
Thank you for working so hard to support our family. I know you would stay home with our boys if you could.
Thank you for planning our honeymoon and keeping it a surprise until we were getting ready to check in our bags.

There aren't words to thank you for being there for me during the past few months, which have been the hardest of my life. You have been there for me in ways I didn't know I would need.

I love you, my husband and my best friend.
Happy Valentines Day


  1. Uh oh. Do I have to write one of these now? Tell your Dh to keep this Beeeeeeautiful letter on the down-low from my DH please. ;)

    You are a lucky lady to have such a kind, warm, loving hub. And....he is one lucky man to have you. I'm not even laughing as I'm typing this. I mean it. There's so much love and laughter in your home. Happy V day! xo (the V is for Valentine's in case there's some confusion...)

  2. So sweet, whatever your intentions :-) Thank goodness for the men in our lives.

  3. OH my gosh, you are so sweet and this was so, so beautiful! Sounds like you have a great husband! You're super yourself, so no kidding you married a terrific guy! :)

  4. Aw, I love it!!

    What, you didn't want to move back to NS??? :)

    What a beautiful post, I think you will earn some bonus points for this one!

  5. I love it! And I think because of what you wrote you deserve all of those gifts ;)


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