Jan 14, 2010

Why I Don't Care That We Can't Afford A Stainless Steel Fridge

My kitchen is ugly, truly hideous and slightly embarrassing.

It's retro in the, "Oh my God, I can't believe that was ever stylish" kind of way. The counters are fake wood. Barf. I tried to make it better by painting the cabinets and replacing the hardware, but with three fellas in the house they have seen better days. At least I have some great finger print samples in case my husband ever goes missing.

One thing I am okay with is our white fridge. I know stainless steel fridges are the 'best' but I don't want one. Why, you ask? It's because of my fridge magnet collection.

Not kidding. It's okay, I don't mind if you laugh at me. I laugh at myself all of the time.

I really, honestly do have a collection of magnets that I started 10 years ago when I moved to Europe for the first time. They were a great little souvenir from all of my trips and now that my life has changed dramatically and I get excited just to leave the damn house, they serve as a great reminder of my former life. I'd like to say they were the only purchase I made on each holiday but I have a few people (like everyone that came to visit us) that will tell you that I sent them home with bags and bags of 'stuff' and very clear instructions for how to store their (my) carry ons without breaking anything.

Each time I open the fridge door, I get a peek at one that sends me back. Like this little gem from our trip to visit friends for Oktoberfest in Munich. I can't actually remember all that much, but luckily we have video, right honey?  Looooots and lots of video. Of you. Not being able to lift your head.

I have more magnets. They used to be on the fridge too but someone broke them by accident and they now live here. Just until they get fixed.

We are getting our kitchen renovated in 8 months and I can't wait. I am thinking I may just want to upgrade my fridge so my magnets will have to find a new home. Out of reach of everyone in my house. Especially my husband.

Jan 1, 2010

We Do Not Remember Days, We Remember Moments

The past decade has been a crazy one for me. Each year holds some special memories that stand out from the rest.

I went to visit a friend in Stockholm, Sweden for a 10 day holiday and decided on a whim to move there. This was one of the best decisions of my life. A beautiful place that holds so many happy and hilarious memories! This is the school where I taught:

This was not my favourite year. I came back to Canada because of a guy (dumb dumb dumb) and moved to Peterborough (dumber dumber dumber) and learned that I was not cut out for small town life anymore. I taught at a Catholic School even though I am so not religious. Sorry, no pics for this one!

This is the year I met Randy at an outdoor Great Big Sea concert in February. He asked me to move to Europe with him that night. I said yes. Holy crap, we look so young here. I think he may still have this shirt.


 Randy and I made the move to London, England. We had no place to live. I had been hired for my teaching position over the phone and Randy had no job. We had no television for months. We travelled all over Europe to places I had always dreamt of. We got to know our local and went out for curry once a week. The shopping, oh, the shopping. Pimms. We made friends that we will have for life. Loved every minute! Drunk in every photo, I think.

More travelling: Octoberfest in Munich, Prague before Christmas, Venice and more. Randy took me to stay in a castle in Scotland on my birthday. He asked me to marry him in the courtyard of the Louvre. I said yes. We got drunk on champagne and called all of our friends and family.

Back to reality. We decided it was time to grow up and move home to Ontario. We bought a house, started new jobs and planned a wedding. I got to spend time with my BFFs and meet some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for.

Randy and I got married in in Nova Scotia and celebrated with our friends and family at White Point Beach Resort. The most fun wedding ever (if I do say so myself). I also ran my first race, the 8k Night Crawler, in Toronto.


The birth of my sweet baby boy, Jacob, was the greatest moment of my life. I had no idea you could love someone so so much.

This was the year I got to watch my son do everything. I could not be more proud watching him learn and grow. We spent his first birthday in Nova Scotia. Jacob took one handful of his cake and decided it would just be easier to stick his face right in and take a bite. Right some cute (as they say back home).

The birth of my second sweet boy, Cooper ties for greatest moment of my life. It's amazing how, when you think you already love as much as you can, your heart opens up and makes room for more.

What are your favourite moments of the past decade?