Mar 4, 2010

Home Show Hot List

I won some free tickets to the National Home Show, thanks to the Yummy Mummy Club. I love interior design but I had never been to a Home Show before so I went, ready to be inspired. Here are my fave finds:

Are these light fixtures hot or what? I LOVE them.
They are like jewelry for your home.

I would tile every surface in my bathrooms if I could {except the toilet...brrrrr!}. These were my favourites:  

This bathtub is so fabulous I can't even stand it!
When I grow up I am going to get one just like it.

There is nothing better than sitting by a cozy fire on a beautiful summer night.
I know just the right spot to put one of these lovelies in my back yard:

I found some environmentally friendly paint in such fresh colours.
Good for the environment and beautiful? Sold!

This one's for you future Canadian Olympic hockey players.
It's a floor that you can put in your basement, or back yard, or garage that you can ice skate on.
Yup. You heard me. Ice skating in your basement.
We saw it in action and it is so cool! Ugly but cool.

No home show would be complete without celebrities. I got the chance to watch Cocktail Deeva work her magic. She was hilarious and took the mystery out of mixing fun, delicious drinks. She is just as fabulous in person as you would think. By the way: her shoes were to die for.


  1. Love that tub too! You should have taken a photo of Dee's shoes, I love shoes :)

  2. Next year we'll have to hit the interior design show. There will be scads of pretty things there (and not just us...har har) for sure. Love the tub! I want one when I grow up too!

  3. Thanks for the shout out...Pretty is at the Design show...And after lots of pretty you need Cocktails...It was so great to meet you and Lisa, you ladies were Fabulous...



  4. I have a sudden craving for a Bellini...


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