Oct 6, 2009

Mommy In The House

I am a stay at home mom.

That sentence can be interpreted so many ways. It can invoke happiness, envy, loneliness, gratitude and embarrassment. I waffle between a few of those depending on the day so here are my top 5 reasons I love and struggle staying at home with my little guys.

Top 5 Reasons I Love Being a SAHM

1. I love my boys more than I thought I could love anyone and I am genuinely excited that I get to watch each and every new discovery and achievement they make.

2. I am there for my little guys if they get hurt, are sick or need a cuddle.

3. I can stay in my pink cupcake pjs all day and no one gives a care.

4. I get to explore the idea of following the dream of painting art for children as my new career. If this baby ever gets into a routine I'm going to get right on that.

5. I think that I would be awful at trying to balance work with family. My husband works long hours so it would be up to me to do pick ups, drop offs and all that good stuff. I would resent him for that I think.

Top 5 Reasons I Struggle

1. Our family made a financial sacrifice for me to stay home. This can cause some major blowouts between my husband and I. He plans 5 years in advance and likes to pay off the credit card every month. I like to plan my next outfit and would shop all day, every day. We miss out on travelling and other luxuries we were used to.

2. It can be so very lonely staying at home. I worked at a great school with the most fun people I have ever met. I miss them and I miss the social interaction. Thank God I have friends that stay home too, that make me laugh and that have kids that my little boy loves.

3. I have felt a loss of identity having given up my career. I walked away from the best job I have ever had at the greatest school. I remember taking my son to a farm and seeing a teacher with her class and I wanted to say: I used to do that. I am a teacher too. But the truth is, I'm not a teacher anymore. That makes me sad.

4. I don't really get to leave the house on my own. I often think that if I worked, I could run errands with my hands free of strollers, diaper bags and sippy cups.

5. I could dress up more. I love clothes and although lululemon makes me very happy, I miss wearing pretty clothes.

Even though there are times that staying home is tough for me, I have absolutely no regrets. My boys are so much fun and growing up so fast that sometimes I wish life had a pause button. If my boys ever read this (oh look hubby, I'm planning for the future)I would want them to know that they are the greatest thing that life could ever ever give me. That doesn't mean that I don't have the occasional pity party with my good friend Ruffles but, hey, who doesn't.

Okay, phew, first blog post done. And yes, I am wearing the same pink pjs I have worn all day. These ones have polka dots though.


  1. It is definitely a bittersweet thing to do, being a stay-at-home-mom, but it sounds like you keep a good perspective, so that's what truly matters.
    You'll never regret giving up a career for your children. You may remember and wonder, but I have yet to meet a woman on the other side who will say, "I wish I'd worked more when my kids were young".


  3. Great first post. I too am a SAHM and can relate to many things on both lists. But I don't think we will ever regret the things we gave up in order to get the little beings we love more than anything else in the world!

  4. I truly think you can find a sense of adult purpose through friends and your up-and-coming home-based business, and still be there for your kids. Of course you miss your old life, but this one is so much better!

    Natalie @YMCbuzz

  5. Welcome to blogging!

    I completely relate to both lists. I know 100% that I made the right choice to stay at home, but it didn't come without some financial sacrifice/planning and consideration of what the future may bring.

    Looking forward to reading more!

  6. Great job Sarah! I totally understand your feelings! Even though I work from home now I still have the same struggle. Especially the never leaving the house alone thing!!! Yikes!

  7. Sarah.. You couldn't have said it better! We had to do the same thing for me to stay at home. So I completely understand everything you said! I wouldn't change a thing either. Look forward to more blogs!

  8. sarah@thisgirlwearglasses.comOctober 7, 2009 at 5:20 AM

    Hi Sarah | It has probably been more than 20 years since we saw each other but you are echoing the same thoughts and struggles that all parents are going through. I am eagerly awaiting the birth of my second child and looking at life unfolding and wondering how to balance it all.

    I love your design, and concept for your blog. Keep forging ahead.

  9. I miss you at work and on the drive to school, but, with that being said...If I could stay at home, I would. Enjoy it and cherish every moment. Even though you miss your job and the people at work, you would miss your kids even more and that's what matters most. And, you can always go back (not just yet!) If I could, I would be right there with you, wearing my green PJ pants for 3 day stints! Congrats on the new blog!


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